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The Long Dry Spell is comming to a Close!

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As we anticipate our second big winter storm of 2014 (this new system is expected to rival the big Ice Storm of 1973) I am pleased to begin blogging once again under the auspices of my role as Member Services coordinator for IIAG.

Thank you to all of you who followed this blog in 2013; I hope you found something useful here, and will continue to visit it regularly. Similarly, if you feel you know a peer in the industry (Big I Member or not) that might benefit from some tidbit you find here, ask them to follow this blog also.

In 2014 I have set some resolutions and goals in place, and I am well on my way to becoming a better association professional, and a better person. I hope you will assume a similar endeavor in your careers and personal lives as well.  As I do a lot of personal reading first thing in the morning to exercise my brain and ramp up my work-level energy (I become inspired by the things others are doing, places that are exciting to see and hear about, and a little imagination boost every now and then is good for the brain and soul), I find things that help me work better, become more productive, and stretch myself as a professional, and from time to time, I may share these with you.

Here’s some other things, besides 20 or 30 minutes of personal reading you can do to get your day started. Many successful people practice these rituals daily; maybe some of these, or all, will work for you!

1. Successful people exercise their body first thing in the morning to gain energy for the rest of the day.

It could be anything starting from stretching and yoga to running and weigh lifting.

2. Successful people plan their day before taking on their first task.

Luminaries value their time more than anyone else. They plan every single minute of their day to get the most out of it.

3. Successful people do the most important tasks first before moving on to a smaller one.

They apply 80/20 rule. 20% of their tasks bring 80% result in their business.

4. Successful people take risks.

Every single day successful people take one or more risks in their business. They know there is no growth when you get comfortable.

5. Successful people take full responsibility for their life and business.

Successful people take full responsibility for anything they do. They never make excuses while the masses blame everybody else around, and in fact they even blame things for their misfortunes, and make all kind of excuses for why they are not happy, not successful, not healthy, not fit, you get the picture.

6. Successful people read 30-60 minutes every day.

While the masses want to be entertained, world-class wants to be educated. Successful people read a lot books to feed their mind. While the masses watch TV, world-class solves problems.

7. Successful people are grateful.

They reflect every night on what was great today and what they are grateful for. They always look for positive in any life situation.

Read more at http://under30ceo.com/7-things-successful-people-every-day/#4GueVGek6G6wglST.99

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